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Why Our Medicinal Mushrooms Are Superior

Our Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms are grown either in pristine wild environments or in the highest spec myco cultivation institutes in the world that adhere to the most stringent GMP standards. Every batch is tested TWICE for purity and potency, once by the cultivators and again in an independent lab. Our mushroom extracts are made from all fruiting bodies and guaranteed at a minimum of 30% MUSHROOM polysaccharides and high levels of all other significant chemical compounds for maximum medicinal effect. 

Other brands do not use fruiting bodies at all or mix them up with useless mycellium, which does not provide the medicinal benefits that made these substances famous. Another industry short cut is that almost all other brands are grown on grain. They boast a polysaccaride count in the 30/40% or even 50% range, what they don’t state is that most of these polysaccharides are not medicinal mushroom compounds but simple grain sugars which infiltrate the mushrooms grown on them as a substrate and offer no medicinal benefit. A further issue is that unlike our mushrooms, most other brands are not organic. Due to the nature of mushroom cultivation and as mushrooms absorb environmental toxins very efficiently, having a non organic medicinal mushroom is simply not an option. 
Do not waste you time and money on inferior and toxic products. Choose ALKMY Adaptogens. Purer, Stonger, Better!
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