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About Us

Here at ALKMY Adaptogens, as qualified practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine we have experienced the life changing benefits of daily consumption of adaptogenic substances as have our patients, clients, family and friends. In the last decade since Adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms began to gain popularity in Europe and the USA, we have seen the market flooded with cheaply produced sub standard products purporting to offer the benefits of Adaptogens to the public which however, upon testing fall way short of the mark. 

To ensure the opportunity exists for the discerning customers who demand high standards and quality and want to experience the real benefits of Adaptogens have to offer we decided to launch ALKMY. Our range of Adaptogens is expertly curated and produced up to the highest standards on the market available anywhere and at an affordable price.

Our Philosophy

The contemporary human situation is in many ways unparalleled in history, many of us are urban dwellers exposed to pollution and chronic stress the likes of which our ancestors couldn’t imagine, our regular food supply has been stripped of much of its former nutrition and nourishing quality and at the same time our performance in all spheres of life faces higher demands, added to this is the necessity that we must and will inevitably age.

Many of us develop chronic niggling health problems, lack vitality and suffer the manifold effects of stress on the body/mind. Modern medicine offers us drugs which suppress symptoms but bring no lasting or holistic relief. Fortunately this is not the end of the story, along with various other alternative medical modalities Adaptogens offer us a proven solution to not only combating the daily stress onslaught but enabling our mind/body to thrive and perform beyond our previous expectations. 

Adaptogens used well are life changing! And here at ALKMY it’s our mission to help you change your life for the better. Our range of Adaptogens is expertly curated and produced to the highest standards available anywhere in the world to enable you to thrive

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