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Chaga is an extraordinary mushroom which grows wild on Birch trees mostly in the ultra harsh environment of Siberia and the cold northern areas of Russia and the Americas.  Ancient Chinese wisdom gave a special place to any plant or fungus that could survive and flourish in extreme climatic conditions as they were seen to have an abundance of vital adaptive energy or ‘Qi’, they were thus investigated and used for their medicinal potentials and other benefits to humans.

Chaga also has a long history in Russian and Siberian folk medicine as well as Native American medical tradition being used as a kind of ‘cure all’ by the people in much the same way as the wider Chinese and Korean cultural tradition views Panax Ginseng.  Modern scientific research has validated the claims of the ancients regarding Chaga, finding that it is a potent antioxidant, improves sperm quality, is a potent immune system regulator, anti microbial, anti viral, supports healthy cardiovascular function and is liver protective.

Chaga has also shown a special affinity for the gastrointestinal tract, improving it’s healthy functioning and being a strong anti-inflammatory. Chaga is also well regarded for its  nootropic brian enhancing effects.

Chaga has also shown strong anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects in various studies.


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Organic Chaga