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American Ginseng is an adaptogen in the same species of plant as the famous Chinese and Korean Panax Ginseng but native to America, and instead of being warm and heating like the latter two it has an energising cooling effect on the body and therefore is suited to individuals with hot constitutions or who live in hot dry climates or have to work in the heat of summer and also be of great benefit to post menopausal women.

It has been shown in scientific studies  to increase work capacity, be neuroprotective, and cardio protective, promote healthy nervous function. It has a calming effect on the CNS, is antimicrobial, and remarkably  increases insulin sensitivity and inhibits the formation of adipose (fat) tissue!

American Ginseng also generates body fluids, modulates the stress response and immune function, has anti inflammatory properties and exhibits SOD activity, which helps keep one’s skin looking young and fresh!) It has also been studied for tumor cell apoptosis with positive results.  If you live in the sun or are a fiery personality you need this herb in your life!

*Note on American Ginseng – This substance is not suitable for people in cold climates, in  winter or for people with a cool constitution.


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American Ginseng