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Organic Cordyceps Sinensis


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Cordyceps is a truly amazing natural substance, it has been used in TCM for hundreds of years and for centuries was only found in the high mountain plateau in and around Tibet , Bhutan and the far west of China. It’s Chinese name translates as “winter worm summer herb”

As well as it’s broad spectrum adaptogenic qualities it has been shown in scientific studies to increase oxygen absorption and usage, increase ATP synthesis and reuptake in the muscles as well as have a beneficial effect on  testosterone levels. Studies have also shown it’s beneficial for diabetes because it regulates  insulin and lowers elevated blood sugar.

Cordyceps has been proven to fight cancer by helping the body produce killer T-cells and lymphocytes, which have a non specific anti-tumour effect.

Other studies have concluded that Cordyceps is beneficial in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and erectile dysfunction. Positive results have also been shown for atherosclerosis, the mechanism of action being reduction of the inflammatory response in the arteries.

Cordyceps has also been shown to benefit fatty liver and significantly to benefit asthma, by dilating the bronchioles, reducing lung tissue inflammation and regulating hormones which affect lung function.  Cordyceps is popular with all kinds of athletes and will take your cardio conditioning to a new level!


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Organic Cordyceps Sinensis